Dresses for Your Body Shape

Some styles and outfits suit many different shapes and sizes. But womens bodies are as diverse as the dresses available to you. 

Here, our resident stylist is going to walk you through the different body accents and present to you styles and dresses that will best suit.


Choose from the options below and read how you can dress for your body shape.


  Pear Shape Body 

What you’ve got: If you have a pear shape body, you have bigger hips with a well-defined waist, usually your hips are wider than your shoulders, and you have a rounded bum.

  Wedge Shape Body 

What you’ve got: If you have a wedge shape body (or inverted triangle), you have wide shoulders and a broader chest, with a narrow waist and narrow hips.


  Rectangle Shape Body 

What you’ve got: If you have a rectangle body shape, your hip and waist measurement is similar, creating a column shape.

  Apple Shape Body 

What you’ve got: With an apple shape, you have narrow hips, with most of your weight accumulating in your mid section and around your bust. Usually you have a broader back and ribs.


  Hourglass Shape Body 

What you’ve got: Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and you have a smaller waistline. You have the most desired shape by women! Lucky thing!!


  Petite Shape Body 

What you’ve got: If your petite, you have a tiny frame! Most people think this makes it easy to go shopping, but we know its just as hard.


  Pregnant Shape Body 

What you’ve got:  A changing body that you can’t keep up with! You want a style that is comfortable to wear and will last through the whole pregnancy.


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