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Knowing when to choose a formal dress can take some of the guesswork out of dress shopping. There are many events or situations where you need to wear a formal dress.

One event is a birthday party, especially if it’s held at a hotel or a posh place. If you get an invitation which says that the party is a black tie event, or a strictly formal event, you should come in a formal outfit. Cocktail dresses, maxi dresses – these are some formal dresses that you can consider wearing.

 A wedding is also another occasion where a guest is usually required to put on a formal dress. More often than not, a wedding has a required motif e.g. guests should only wear clothes with a touch of red.

 An awards night, for instance, your company’s night for handing out awards and celebrating its anniversary, is also another situation where you may be required to be in a formal dress. If you’re one of the awardees or even part of the list of nominees, the more you’ll want to be in something special. This may or may not have a motif to follow.Pick the right size shoes and a dress. Again, if there’s a motif, follow it.

Knowing what constitutes ‘formal’ can keep you from making the mistake of being underdressed for the occasion. Any length and silhouette, from full-length, full-skirted gowns to short sheaths, can be formal; the difference is in the material. Formal is synonymous with glamour, and glamour means rich, decadent materials like chiffons, crepes, laces, satins, velvets, and, if the occasion calls for it, beading and sequins.

When you’re shopping for formal dresses online, don’t think in terms of clothing sizes, but in terms of your measurements. Have someone help you to take your bust, waist, hip and inseam measurements, and match them with the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best fit. A well fitted formal dress will help you look your very best.


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